Best thing I never had.

Best you never had

At last The Arcade Gacha is here. I kept the best for last, this beautiful Bridal Lingerie from Dead Dollz – The House of Brides. It’s your reward prize for playing the gacha machine 25 times, and ladies it’s so worth it. Not only for this but for all the goodies in the Dead Dollz machine! Go play and may the gods be in your favour.

Other thingies:
Dead Dollz – THoB – Atelier | RARE
Dead Dollz | La Petite Robe Rose
Dead Dollz | THoB | Princess Style
Dead Dollz | THoB Bench
Dead Dollz | THoB | Stool & Rug
Dead Dollz | THoB | Mannequin
Dead Dollz | THoB | Short Shelf
Dead Dollz | Natural Diva | Cotton Balls Vase
Dead Dollz | Natural Diva | Visage Care
Dead Dollz | Vacanze Romane | Suitcase
{what next} Madeleine Hatbox (stack)
{what next} Madeleine Hatbox (single)
{what next} Amelie Picture Shelf 1
{what next} House Plant | Agave (stand)
Kalopsia | Vanity MIrror w/ Drawers
Exile | First Dance


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